Thursday, May 2, 2013

All along my running routes

Now that spring has FINALLLY sprung here in the Great White North, I am slowly trying to get back in running shape. Key word being slowly. But I guess the almighty wanted me to push myself those extra ten minutes that I really didn't want to do the other day. Because when I turned north on the trail for that extra time, look what I cam across:

The sides of the trail were completely covered with all these gorgeous yellow flowers. It was like running through art. So once I was through with the run, I had to walk back and take pictures. Amazing, right?

I do have to say that there is nothing quite like Spring in New York. Almost makes the six month winter worth it. Almost.

As Mr. Snoop and I get ready to leave NY in a few short weeks, I am making a mental list of things I will really miss about this place. I'll probably do an interwebs list as well. Anyway, I will really miss my running routes up here. They are just so pretty. Speaking of, our local news just reported that there will be a Stephen King movie filmed along one of my running haunts in Sleepy Hollow. Pun most certainly intended.

Check it out:

Have a good weekend, everyone :)

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