Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We got the fantastic news on Monday that Mr. Snoop matched into an ENT residency. We are so thrilled and feel so fortunate, but I have to say that the reality has not sunk in yet! We've been waiting for this news for four years. Since he had a small number of interviews, we have been intensively and stressfully waiting for six months. After all that waiting, it is so hard to switch my brain over to actually believing he matched!

Trying to stay occupied until Monday was a good time. Fortunately my Mama Cat was in town and I work Sundays, so I was busy the day before Match/Unmatch. This past Saturday, I decided to occupy my time by making.. wait for it.. Lilly Pulitzer bowties for my cats. I know you are judging me but I just don't care. Look how adorable:

He looks ready to drink a hotty toddy at the grove, don't you think? So preppy. Of course I do have a top in the same pattern. As if you even had to ask.

Since I never was able to think past Monday, I have found myself in an unexpected predicament: finding ways to distract myself until we get the big news about WHERE on Friday. Last night I threw a temper tantrum about how cold our house was, how I much I hate winter, and then had a panic attack about the possibility of Mr. Snoop matching in Wisconsin. Mr. Snoop, ever the expert in the field of taming me, lit a fire in the fireplace and cut up the chicken for dinner. Bless his heart.

After I got my behavior under control, I accomplished the original task I had planned for myself: baking a million cookies for our friends to celebrate Match Week. Any excuse to use adorable labels and treat boxes, right?

Tonight I have a girls' shopping outing, but I am still searching for a project for Thursday night. Also, I can't get my pictures to center. Sorry about that. Til Friday, chikadees!

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