Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mid February Randoms

This is what I love about February. You blink and it's halfway though! Here's what we've had going on:

- One month from yesterday is Match/Unmatch Day. This is where we find out if Mr. Snoop got a residency position. I get nauseous just thinking about it or looking at that day on my calendar.

- Nemo! We got well over a foot of snow:

Mr. Snoop shoveled while I stayed inside and made a bright yellow polka-dot skirt for the summer, naturally. We only have one snow shovel, ok? Luckily, we did not lose power or anything like that.

- Now that interviews are over, Mr. Snoop is on a new rotation. Looking at his ID picture, you get the idea that he may be scraping out earwax and boogers or killing you in your sleep with an ax. I mean, 50/50. You decide.

- The first weekend in February we went to parties Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. I'm still worn out. Here we are at one of them, James Bond themed. Where else do you get to carry a fake gun (sorry, I'm a Texan and therefore completely tacky about such things), rock cat eyes, AND a sequined, leopard-print dress? And drink martinis!

Happy Valentine's week, everyone! I hope your week is full of all things pink and sparkly.

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  1. I have a heartful of prayers for you & Mr. Snoop - for the Match process, for patience, for lots of things.